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The Gallery provides a platform to display our members work. Members can have up to Six pictures each at any one time in the Gallery.

Please keep us supplied with new material. email to:
If a picture is for sale then the price will be shown with the rest of the picture details. NFS indicates that the picture is Not For Sale. The details will include the Title, Artist, Medium and also if the picture is framed or just on a mount.
Paintings shown on The Gallery can still be entered in the next exhibition
To view an enlarged copy of a picture and the associated details, please click on it. It is well worth it
If you are interested in purchasing a picture
or contacting an artist
please email our secretary at:

All pictures are copyright of the contributing artist and must not be copied without written permission.
If a picture is copied from another artists work then this must be stated in the details and it can not be entered in the Exhibition or be for sale.